August 11, 2018

Our Services Fee

We’ve made it our goal to compile information and provide you with the best services when you want to study abroad, We obtain the best possible course offers for you and also advise and guide you at every stage of the process. Our Dedication to you is our No. 1 Priority because we consider your educational interests first at all

Our Service Charge/Processing Fee
Precious Education Charge a one time processing fee/ service charge fee for all student who apply through us, Whether you are studying abroad outside the US or will be an international student, you will need our support. The service fee covers a range of study placement services for different countries that includes but is not limited to:

  • Providing dedicated expert advice on most suitable course and career options for you;
  • Guidance with application documents required and then applying to your chosen institutions on your behalf;
  • We prepare and expertly guide applicants in visa application.
  • Ensuring that all available scholarships are pursued on your behalf;
  • Guidance with regard to work opportunities in your chosen study country;
  • Advising on international summer schools in world renown universities specially designed for students and working professionals.
  • Providing a IELTS coaching centre to help prepare you for your IELTS test.

You will be able to make up to 2 Applications in each study intake for each study country.


RegionsProcessing Fees NairaProcessing Fee USDProcessing Fee PoundsProcessing Fee EurosPayment Options
West Africa₦60,000 NGN$170 USD£135 Pounds€150 EuroBank Or Office Front Desk
East/North/South Africa₦90,000 NGN$250 USD£200 Pounds€220 EuroBank Or Office Front Desk
Europe₦120,000 NGN$340 USD£265 Pounds€300 EuroBank Or Office Front Desk
North America₦150,000 NGN$420 USD£330 Pounds€370 EuroBank Or Office Front Desk
Australia₦180,000 NGN$500 USD£395 Pounds€440 EuroBank Or Office Front Desk


All Payment can be made online on Precious Education Agency Portal or can be made by bank deposit or at the Office.

International Student Insurance
Whether you are studying abroad outside the US or will be an international student inside the United States, you will need international student insurance. In either case, we have affordable, reliable plans that are backed by one of the world’s largest and oldest insurer: Lloyds of London. Our excellent customer service team is also able to find a plan that will meet almost any coverage requirements you need.

Student Travel Center
Hopefully during your studies abroad you will take full advantage of being in a new location and travel as much as possible in and around your host country- even if you’re on a budget. The trick to being able to travel when on a tight budget is to find great deals from a reliable source. Compare information on airfare, rail passes, car rentals, hostels and even homestay programs in our student travel center.

International Phone Cards
Even with cell phones being as common place as they are these days- it’s not always the cheapest and most convenient way to keep in touch with friends and family back home. International phone cards are an easy and economical way to call those internationally. Plus, International Calling Card minutes never expire, have no monthly service fees, and are billed per minute.

International Student Loans
Obtaining an education is priceless, which is why educational costs continue to rise. If you need help funding your international education we have international student loan options available to student studying inside the US and around the globe.

Prepaid Phones/Sim Cards
International mobile calls can lead to shockingly expensive bills and although life is full of surprises your cell phone bill shouldn’t be one. If you’re an international student inside the US and need a way to keep in touch while on the go, you might want to consider a pay-as-you-go phone or sim card.

Student Tax Return
Luckily you only need to file your taxes once a year, because when you do- it can be a long, confusing process. Utilize our student tax return section to learn more about taxes and how you can file without a flaw so you won’t face a penalty.

Every student needs textbooks to accompany their classes, but not every student needs to pay an arm and a leg to buy or rent them. We have partnered with Valore Books to help you find new, used and rental books- they always offers free rental return shipping and a hassle-free return policy. This is also a much more convenient option than lugging a suitcase of books across campus.

Travel Video Contest
Each year we host a travel video contest and give students the chance to have their voice heard. Through a short video students tell us why they want to study abroad- and of course the best story wins! While we enjoy each story, there can only be one grand prize winner. However, runner-up contestants still walk away with some great prizes and a smile.

Student Furniture Rentals
Moving to the US and don’t know what to do about furnishing your apartment or dorm? Why go to the expense of shipping your own furniture or buying new furnishings when you head off to school. CORT furniture rental has helped thousands of international students furnish their college apartments. All you have to do is visit their site, tell them what you need and arrive in the US to a fully furnished home away from home.

Credit Cards
Finding a credit card as an international student in the US can be difficult, but it is possible. Many international students choose to apply for a credit card through SelfScore – a company created just for international students. Get more details on how to apply for a credit card and how having a credit card during your time in the US can help you start building credit.

If you have a product or service that would benefit international students, please contact us about including it in this section.