August 11, 2018

Study In South Africa

With its multiethnic population, eleven national languages, and varied physical landscapes and wildlife, South Africa embodies diversity. Students who are trying to add a little adventure to their curriculum will, therefore, find South Africa an ideal study abroad destination. Don’t miss out on climbing Table Mountain, exploring the famous Garden Route, or sunbathing on one of South Africa’s many gorgeous beaches!

But, it’s not all fun and games. Universities in South Africa offer countless degree programs meant to challenge students and enhance their future career options. Since the end of apartheid, higher education in South Africa has been particularly important due to its dedication to producing responsible, socially conscious citizens. It’s no wonder then that students are beginning to recognize what a huge opportunity it is to study abroad in South Africa.

It’s impossible to mention South Africa without acknowledging the role apartheid has played in shaping the cultural and political landscape of today. However, through the hard work and persistence of international icons, such as Nelson Mandela, South Africa has come together to become the “Rainbow Nation” it is today. International students will be amazed at the ways in which cultural diversity has combined to create a new national narrative as they traverse any one of South Africa’s many popular student destinations.

Today, South Africa is a parliamentary republic with three capitals, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, and Cape Town, each with its own political responsibility. Additionally, South Africa lays claim to being Africa’s second largest economy, making it an attractive location for international business and trade. The country is also an exporter of international talent. Actors Trevor Noah and Charlize Theron, novelists J.M. Coetzee and Nadine Gordimer, and entrepreneur Elon Musk all once called South Africa home.

So, whether taste testing authentic African coffee in one of Johannesburg’s numerous coffee houses or riding the waves along the beaches of Port Elizabeth, international students will find that there is more to South Africa than they could ever imagine.

How to Apply
For more information on how to apply for admission to study in South Africa please check the Precious Education Admission Application dates and remember the deadlines so you don’t miss a thing, To get the best support please check the forum or contact a Precious Education Agency Student Advisor to guide you on the admission process.